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Types of Windows and Patio Doors

  • Choose Your Type of Window

    Casement Windows

    Casements are windows that are attached to a frame by one or more hinges. Casement windows are hinged at the side. (Windows hinged at the top are referred to as awning windows. Ones hinged at the bottom are called hoppers.

    Awning Windows

    These are windows having one or more sashes hinged at the top and swing outward.

    Picture Windows

    Picture windows are large, non-operating windows, longer than it is wide to provide a panoramic view.

    Shaped Architectural Windows

    Shaped or architectural windows are windows that are a little different. They include arches, raked windows, parallelogram shaped windows, oval or round windows.

    Bay / Bow Windows

    Bay or bow windows are a combination window, which projects to the exterior. Usually features four or more window units in a radial or bow formation.

  • Choose Your Type of Patio Door

    Gliding / Sliding Patio Doors

    Sliding glass patio doors are usually considered a single unit consisting of two panel sections, one being fixed and one being mobile to slide open.

    Hinged Inswing Patio Doors

    Inswing patio doors are the most common hinged patio doors and just as the name implies, the door swings in. French patio doors that swing in are considered to be an inswing patio doors. Inswing patio doors quite often have security features on the inside of the door.

    Hinged Outswing Patio Doors

    Hinged Outswing Patio Doors are patio doors that swing out and are the choice for people who want to maximize indoor spaces.

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    European Tilt and Turn Windows

    Euro or European Windows including Tilt and Turn, Tilt and Slide, Folding, Casement Windows, Fixed Picture Windows, Architectural or Shaped Windows.

    All our European Euro Series Windows are adapted to the needs of your building and its architecture.

    star Standard colors or custom color match available.

    star Are available in a wide range of styles with many optional accessories

    star Architectural shaped windows available: shapes round top, circle top, triangle or gable top for example.

    star 70 MM Profile Thickness - Designed for wide spans

    star Reinforced with galvanized steel allowing structural support for larger picture windows or for curtain walls.

    star Simulated divided lites, muntin bars or true divided lites are available for a more traditional look

    star Offers optimal safety and ventilation as windows can be fully open or restricted to a ‘tilt’ position. This is ideal for second or subsequent floors.

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  • Choose Your Glass

    Glass affects energy efficiency more than any other part of a window or patio door and not all glass types perform the same. Some glass insulates your house better while other glass types offer greater clarity. We would be pleased to talk to you about the glass options for your windows.

    Decorative Glass Options Include:

    Obscure Glass Baroque Obscure Glass Bronze Reflective Obscure Glass Bronze Obscure Glass Diffused Laminated Obscure Glass Satin-Etch Obscure Glass Delta Sandblast Obscure Glass Krinkle Obscure Glass Rain Water Obscure Glass Chord Obscure Glass Glue Chip Obscure Glass Flute Obscure Glass Niagra Obscure Glass Pinhead Obscure Glass Rain Obscure Glass Waterglass

  • Choose your Exterior and Interior Options

    Choose from many basic color options or have your windows custom colored to match your doors or interior of your home. Get your window color to match your doors or your house.

    Window Color Choice Cashmere Window Color Choice Ivory Window Color Choice Wicker Window Color Choice Buff Window Color Choice Clay Window Color Choice Sandstone Window Color Choice Sandalwood Window Color Choice Burgandy Window Color Choice Cranberry Window Color Choice Tile Red Window Color Choice Old World Blue Window Color Choice Wedgewood Blue Window Color Choice Ivy Green Window Color Choice Backwood Window Color Choice Leaf Green Window Color Choice Amazon Green Window Color Choice Forest Green Window Color Choice Grey Window Color Choice Sable Window Color Choice Black Window Color Choice Universal Brown Window Color Choice Bronze Window Color Choice Copper Window Color Choice Anodized Aluminium