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warrantyThere are endless possibilities when choosing windows. However, we know from experience that it is a critical decision, not only which window manufacturer but also the style of window, and equally as important is the installation.

Architects will all agree that along with the roof line, windows and doors are the most important architectural feature of any home. They are the biggest source of heat loss and also the biggest source of heat gain. They frame your world from the inside and give your home character from the outside. In this time of heightened window performance whether you choose our Euroline or Westeck Windows or not, my best advice is to buy the best quality and highest performing windows you can afford.

Also, you want to be sure that the installers are going to provide a leak-proof installation.

The parent company of BW Windows and Doors is Building Works Ltd., a seasoned building envelope restoration contractor. We have seen all types of situations where windows have leaked, causing mold growth and extensive structural deterioration to the exterior walls of buildings. We have worked on buildings where the windows were not installed correctly at the building construction stage as well as when replacement windows were installed.

All of the retrofit window installations we have seen are where the installers will make a cut along the side of the existing window frame leaving the window flange in place behind the cladding, then apply a heavy bead of caulking on the backside of the brick mold on the new window which will then press against the cladding at the edge of the window as it is installed. They will then fill the space between the window frame and the stud space on the inside of the window, with expanding foam. In this type of installation they are relying entirely on the bead of caulking on the backside of the window brick mold to provide the waterproofing.

We have fixed many leaky installations of renovation windows. The installation method is always the same. They rely on a bead of caulking to stop the water from getting into your home.

We install all windows differently, whether they are a new installation or a retrofit for your home. We install the windows in such a way that if the window ever leaks for whatever reason, the water will still drain to the outside of the opening and not get the framing wet or moldy. It is clear to see that this type of installation will be more expensive than the method that relies on the bead of caulking.

Unlike appliances that are easy to replace if you are not happy with their performance, the consequences and cost to rectify a poor window and installation decision can be very costly and devastating.

We are so confident in our ability to provide a leak proof installation that we have now decided to provide a lifetime leak-proof warranty on all our window installations.

If you are looking to replace your windows with Euroline Windows or Westeck Windows, the best quality windows on the market, and also have the peace of mind of having a lifetime leak proof warranty on the installation, give us a call to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Erich Krause

President of Building Works Ltd.